Welcome to Life Science Consulting Dr. Markus Josten

Dr. Markus Josten operates a network of experts with decades of combined experience in biomedical research.

Your added value

We help you to do better research and offer comprehensive expert know-how, so that you can plan and operate your facility more successfully.

These facilities are usually very expensive and valuable assets with high running costs. At the same time they are an important factor for success or failure in non-clinical research as well as in basic research. Moreover they play an important role within the appointment process of highly ranked scientists for all research institutions. Economically these facilities are hard to evaluate, for example their degree of capacity utilization is difficult to obtain.


We close this gap, evaluate independently and deliver objective criteria as a basis for management decisions. With our help you gain an unbiased overview of your facility, receive important facts referring to the true potential of the site and gain clear starting points to use your resources more efficiently.

Our approach


Together with you, we define scope and outline of the project. The project milestones will be handled step by step and communicated according to your demand.

The successful management of a laboratory facility relies on those factors that we offer in our catalog of services.